Build Your Business List With Special Reports

List Building

Could your business use a boost?

Most business owners are always on the look out for ways to improve their business and one of the best is special reports. Special reports can not only add increase income but at the same time create a customer or prospect list.

Just what are special reports?

A special report is any short story that sheds light on a particular subject that helps solve a problem or answers a question. If you are well versed on a specific topic you can probably put together a few words that would be helpful to one less educated on the same subject. Another option, would be to offer answers to how-to questions. Your report could be as little as 3 to 5 pages or you may even create a multi course using an auto-responder.

How would you get your report to the public?

Special reports are excellent if you are interested in building a list. You can offer it as a free report after a reader signs on for your mailing list. You can offer it in your resource box if you are writing articles or you may have a box on you website where a visitor could sign up for you newsletter and get the report as a thank you. Once they sign on to your list you can followup with additional informative reports that contain links to a product or service you may be offering.

Another option is the one of actually selling your report. Many people are willing to pay for a report if it answers a question and they usually would pay anywhere between $5 and $20. You can sell individual reports or even courses that would be of interest to your prospects or customers. Remember, people are always interested in money making opportunities and are usually willing to pay for really good information. You might even put together a report on how you are making money. This would be good area to begin.

Another consideration when publishing special reports and as your business prospers you may want to consider implementing an affiliate program. A good affiliate program would increase your income and at the same time provide an income for your affiliates. You can continue to offer special reports as additional rewards when an affiliate reached a certain ore-established goal.

There are many ways to use special reports. As your library grows you may offer certain reports in special combinations. You can sell your complete library or institute a Buy One, Get Two Free. Etc.

Remember, special reports will not only contribute to building your list but can increase your income at the same time.