How to Make More Money From a Smaller List

List Building

To build a list we are taught that you need to offer something in exchange for someone’s email address. And to an extent that still works today.

The majority of questions I get from my clients and subscribers is how to drive traffic. How to build a bigger list.

But it isn’t the size of the list that matters, it’s the quality.

You need to start by looking at your target market. Who is your perfect customer. What age are they?

Male, Female?

What do they do for fun?

What do they hate?

What keeps them awake at night?

What are their pain points, obstacles to achieve what your teaching?

This is the crucial one: What objections will they have to investing in your training?

When I did this exercise for myself I actually found that my whole internet business changed. I was not only marketing to the wrong people, but I also wasn’t overcoming any of their real objections in my sales copy.

The biggest universal objections will be: Trust, they don’t know you and the fear of being ripped off.

Which is why the standard way of internet marketing is to start with a free offer in exchange for their email address, then a low cost front end offer, then up sells and back end offers.

You are taking the subscriber through a customer journey. A sales funnel.

I have changed my whole internet business after doing the exercise above, properly.

So I am not about to insult you by trying to bribe you with some crappy cheap PLR training in exchange for your email address. That you will probably never even look at.

I mean have you ever learnt anything from the courses you get when you sign up to someone’s list?

I don’t want to start this relationship off in the wrong way. And giving you a substandard training course is going to do just that.

You’re going to think I produce rubbish training and I’m going to think you don’t care about making money online or even worse that you’re just a freebie seeker, because you don’t open any of my emails.

Can you see that starting the relationship off in that way wouldn’t be a good thing for either of us.

I want people to join my list who want to learn how to make money online. They want to interact and connect. They are willing to invest in their own personal development. And you should too.

But yet, 99% of marketers do offer a bribe in exchange for someone’s email address. Without a thought to whether that person is a good fit for their list and what they teach. Then they wonder why people aren’t buying what they are promoting or worse still aren’t even opening their emails. It isn’t their fault. That is exactly how I started in internet marketing. There was a stage when I really did think that the only thing that mattered was the size of my list. Because that’s the way Internet Marketing is taught.

The crucial part of the puzzle that most people forget to mention is it’s also about the quality.

Are you attracting people who want to learn what you are teaching. Do you have an attentive motivated list or a switched off dead list?

Well in case you hadn’t guessed it by now I am a little different to the majority of internet marketers.

Do the customer avatar exercise above, it may change the whole courser of your business as well.