Marketing Strategies for the Home Improvements Sector

Search Engine Marketing

There are many businesses in the home improvement sector, including builders, window installers, and garden landscapers. This sector is high-value and is often driven by either necessity or aspiration.

Be Able to Understand and Strengthen Your Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is how customers perceive you relative to your competitors.

Customers will evaluate you and your competitors on many different attributes that they value. Although it is possible to have all of your customers’ preferred attributes in a brand, this is not always feasible. Customers might desire the best quality and lowest price, but it is not often possible.

Google Optimization

The majority of home-improvement companies look for customers within a small area. This makes location-focused search engine optimization (Local SEO) extremely effective. This involves creating pages on your site that target a particular location.

Google Ads

Google’s search results may not be the most relevant to your business, so it is possible for some people to get at the top of Google. Google Ads can help you outperform your competition. These work well in local areas that are narrowly targeted and can be highly effective, especially for high-value sales.

Signs of Trust

Customers are doing more research, which has increased the importance of you giving the right trust signals. These indicators help customers feel more confident when making a purchase decision.

Trust signals are powerful motivators. They are an essential part of the touchpoints that a prospect must have before becoming a customer.

You can communicate trust signals to potential buyers in many ways.

  • Affiliation is a way to trust. Customers can feel confident in your safety and quality by proving your membership to well-respected industry bodies.
  • Trust in the association. Prospects can feel confident that your company is trustworthy if they know that others trust it. This is often done by using client logos in business-to-business markets.

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