Can link building affect your online reputation in a bad way?


Link building is an important part of SEO that can help support your website push through the ranking that you need. The online platform is so important that every type of age group is using it so it’s important for your business to be in the positive light. A lot of online browsers take support from search engine to research on whether they should input in your product or services.

It is important to keep track of the reviews that are being posted. Respond to the positive one and resolve the negative ones. Many users would want to know what your plan of action is when something goes wrong. Obviously, you need to avoid at every cost to avoid negative tabloids.

There is good link building and external links that may bring users to your website positively but also it is important to keep track of where your brand or website is being mentioned. Any bad links following onto your website can be damaging and maybe hard to resolve depending on the age of the post. Digitalinear, help you monitor any bad reputation and amend bad link building straight away. In link build you must be aware 24/7 about what your brand is being mentioned in.

Any negative mentions can cost you reduction in your sales and reputation. It takes a business a lengthy time to build a good reputation but a second to ruin all.

In SEO if your website has lots of external links being directed to your website this will indicate search engines to give your web pages better ranking. Furthermore, this will affect your domain ranking also. These elements will have a positive reputation for your website.

But if you post about your website in an irrelevant page repeatedly then this may be picked up and indicate your link building as a spam. If your website link is noted as spam, then it will be very difficult for your business to post on other word press website. This will get you limited from link building which as a result will affect your ranking and domain authority. Additionally, anyone coming across your post or comment as spam will have a negative reputation.

Another very traditional way of getting your website ranked is via directories. But it is important to pay attention to what kind of directory you’re inputting your link in. If search engines identify that you have been mentioned in a spammy directory, then this can devaluate your website ranking and reputation.

Link building in SEO plays a major role and in your website ranking so don’t think in a short space of time creating link building will help you grow quickly but take the time and effort to put your links in rich relevant sources that will give you positive long term affects. Fast linking building can result negatively and can be reputation damaging.

In conclusion it is very important to implement your link building in relevant places. Don’t overdo link building and being pasting the same sort of comment/blog everywhere. It’s about the quality and not the quantity all the time. If you start paying attention to the quantity, then all your link building maybe labelled as spam and automatically turn all the links into bad reputation.