How to Find an Efficient Virtual Assistant That Will Help Your Business Grow


A Virtual Assistant is someone who can perform administrative tasks that includes answering emails, scheduling meetings, can perform Market Research. Some Virtual Assistants can handle bookkeeping duties, while others can post regular updates to social media or can able to write articles for blogs. A VA may also handle travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, data entry and online file storage.

Before you hire a Virtual Assistant, as a client, you just need to make sure a steady or regular working relationship by creating precise orders or instructions about the tasks they need to be performed. A written manual will lessen the chance of misunderstandings that can happen in a remote working relationship.

Here are some Factors that you need to consider before Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

1) Skills

When you hire a VA you have to look for someone who has some skills that can able to perform their job well done. These are some of the factors a client should look for, it includes:

• Data-entry tasks such as typing and entering data into forms, editing current information, proofreading text and updating databases.

• Typing/Writing skills- A good typing and writing skills is a must when you are looking for an efficient VA because this can help to complete a task immediately in a certain period of time.

• Computer skills- as a client you need to find someone who has an excellent computer skill, someone that who has a knowledge not only how to run a computer but also knows how to do basic maintenance as well. It’s important to both client and a Virtual Assistant because if the computer goes down both of you will come to a halt.

2) Reliable

This is one of the most important qualities that you should look for before hiring one in your business because as a client you need to follow up the progress of the specific tasks given to your employee, they should know how to update you and must reply when they got an email from their client. It doesn’t have to be immediately but at least they need to do it within the same day.

3) Resourceful

Being a client you need to require the VAs to provide solutions and solve problems for you to get an easier and trouble- free work, it’s not like you need to look for someone who knows everything, but the point is as long as they are honest with you about their skills and are willing and happy to learn and find out how to do the specific tasks that are given to them, then it’ll be fine.

4) Confident

A VA must possess a positive quality such as confidence, you must ensure that as a client when hiring a VA you will probably be looking to them to lead you through the process so they need to know and explain how they work, they should have a certain level of self-confidence in their selves.

5) Professional

As a client when you are looking for the best value of your investment for your growing business the most important factor that you need to look before hiring a Virtual Assistant in your company is making sure that you hire a professional VA that can perform such task. You need to consider this so that you will have a good relationship in doing work together as a client and a VA.

Not everybody has the qualities as mentioned above. The point is you should be very cautious in selecting or picking a Virtual Assistant to obtain hassle-free supervision in your growing business.