List of Best Social Bookmarking Sites 2012 With Review

Social Bookmarking

We sometimes do not even realise how the internet revolution has taken over our otherwise mundane existence. The world has now shrunk to be a truly global village and it is true that communication does not have anything to do with where the people are situated. One of the major advantage of internet is that people have taken to spreading their ideas across the world, be it through blogs or other social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, to name a few. When it comes to such sites where you have a personal space allotted and you interact with known people, there is always a limit to sharing your information. This led to the concept of Social Bookmarking sites which were designed to allow members to submit links (bookmarks) to different sites and related knowledge available across the web. In some of the best social bookmarking sites, we come across links related to everything possible, such as a blog post, an image, a video or any other kind of web page. These sites also use various methods to organize the bookmarks, thus creating pages and sections of targeted content, making the web content easier to find.

As in most cases, this concept led to the creation of various similar sites. Of these, let us check out the top 5 social bookmarking sites:

  5. literally follows the principle of digging up news, views and reviews all across the internet. Users find it a secure environment to promote their work, brand or organization on this platform as they are provided with a “My News page” facility. This helps them to spread their word in a more sophisticated and professional manner. One can also “follow” others who share similar interests. Thus Digg is a forum for like minded people who submit content and engage in discussions thereby creating a conglomeration of highly educated individuals. These individuals believe in constructive criticisms as a means to improve oneself by means of this social bookmarking website. is a social bookmarking website dedicated to the most popular and new information available online. Here users can vote on links to like or dislike the respective contents and this decides the overall popularity of the link. Other than this practice, one can also submit one’s own links. Reddit is actually a “site of sites”. It means that this site is made up of various sites, each catering to different topics e.g. there is a reddit based on science, music, atheism, pictures etc. When new users login to, they are subscribed to the most popular topics. But as a user one can subscribe to other topics of interest too. By “popular” it is meant those sites/ topics that have the maximum positive votes by fellow users. Also, if there are any negative votes to a particular topic, its overall score is calculated as a difference between the number of “likes” to that of “dislikes”. is a social bookmarking site primarily focussing on exploring new and interesting information from the world wide web. The creators of this site exude confidence about finding the most helpful and interesting websites for the topics required by the user. With a view to providing flawless service they also take the feedback from their users regularly. They ask the client to mention his feedback through likes and dislikes thus helping them understand the need of the client better and based on the result, they could change their recommendations. One can use this interface to find information about anything that could be thought about – be it sports, politics, photography etc. is today known more as a social networking site, but it can also be included as a top social bookmarking site. Apart from keeping in touch with people as in any social networking site, one can post links about various topics of interest. Fellow users can access these links and share their opinion, discuss relevant topics and thus spread the word around conveniently. The basis of information shared on twitter is 140 word news feeds called tweets. People can write tweets that can be viewed and responded to by those who “follow” them. The uniqueness of this site is that it has a right mix of networking and bookmarking and people tweet on the go. It is being used to voice opinions and share photos, videos and such helping people bond in a more positive way. was set up in 2005 with a mission to help writers express their ideas through well written, original information that can be made available on the web to those who share similar interests. This is an open and free environment that enables users to search a variety of topics and interact with others who share their enthusiasm regarding the same. This social bookmarking website helps create portfolios of beautiful webpages for users who wish to publish their works. An interesting incentive here is that if any page does well, it earns a royalty to the writer. This unique feature works as a good motivation for the writers to strive harder.