What Are Some Web 2.0 Technologies?

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Put simply, web 2.0 is visitors to your site interacting with it. This can take different forms, depending on what type of interaction you want your customers to have with your company web site.

Testimonials and reviews-

Allowing your customers to post their opinions of your products or services, and give their honest reviews of them is a double edged sword for some. You will always find a very select few people who will complain and say negative things about nearly everything they encounter. There really isn’t much that can be done about them, but if you have the option to delete these remarks, you can at least keep the damage they do to a minimum. If the review or input is not seriously negative, and you can post a response right along with it that explains the solution to the problem, this gives your visitors a sense that you want to make things right and they can trust your company. Naturally the glowing, positive reviews and comments should overshadow any negative ones, and these should be highlighted whenever possible.

Forwarding and Sharing-

Allowing your customers and site visitors to participate in your web site’s online community makes them more prone to feel loyalty to you, and share your link with others. The more interactive they get with your site the more they feel a personal connection with your company. People love to share information and findings with their friends, and when you use web 2.0 they are more likely to do so.


A company can communicate with their readers and customers when using their own web site to engage their readers and get their opinions. This also better enables you to serve the reader’s needs more fully, since they are telling you what they want. Communication needs to be a two way street when it comes to online commerce, and web 2.0 helps you to keep in touch with what your readers want, and what areas you may need to improve on.

Surveys and Polls-

Find out what is hot and what is not with your readers by asking them questions and tailoring your product line to fit the answers. Finding trends in certain geographic or demographic categories can help you to better use your advertising dollars to promote products you know will be popular, based on what your readers have to say. Everyone has an opinion, and the internet is a reasonably safe place for them to express it. Ask readers what they think, and you will get volumes in return.