2 Methods of Getting Massive Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic Building

When it comes to traffic you have a few choices. You can pay for your traffic, get free traffic or do both like me.

Let’s start with Paid traffic.

I love paid traffic because it allows you to quickly get large amounts of traffic to your site and start earning money from day 1.

I use 2 traffic networks to drive visitors to my content.

1. Outbrain

2. Taboola

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this course, Outbrain and Taboola have their related content widgets installed on thousands of high quality websites such as CNN, Yahoo, Seattle Times, GolfWRX and a ton more.

I bet you have seen these widgets on a lot of sites that you frequent. We as advertisers can then have our content appear in those widgets and pay a fee every time someone clicks on our content.

Since our content is awesome and interesting, people click on them like crazy.

I have discovered a way to pay as little as 3 cents per click for my content.

Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and make the titles as catchy as possible.

Do the same thing with the image. Upload at least 2 catchy images for your article.

You can do this from within Outbrain’s interface. I also suggest you watch their training videos on how to do these things in your account.

Now, start your bid at around 11 – 14 cents per click and run it for a few hours to a day. Set your daily budget to $10.

After you’ve reached your daily budget, look at your CTR for your article. If your CTR is above 0.4% then you are doing great and you should drop your bid to $0.07.

Then run your content again for another day until you’ve spent your $10 budget.

If by then your CTR is still above 0.4%, go ahead and drop your bid to $0.03 per click. You should then be able to get 3 cent clicks for as long as you want to that article. If not, just raise your bids a little bit until you see the traffic coming in again.

I suggest you start with Outbrain first. Put 5 new posts on your site and add them to Outbrain like I show.

Go to your AdSense account and add those 5 post URLS to your URL channels.

When you add a URL to URL channels on AdSense, it will track all the AdSense earnings for that specific post. This way you will know how much each of your posts is earning on AdSense.

Let’s do some Math.

If you have a post promoted on Outbrain and you got 200 clicks to that post at a cost of 3 cents each, it will cost you $6 total.

Now, if you make that $6 back or more with AdSense earnings you are in the profit. Because, remember you still have Content.ad and Disquss Related content ads making you money as well.

Unfortunately those platforms do not allow us to track our post earnings individually but that is fine. AdSense is the main earner anyway.

Let me show you an example of one of my post earnings. This was over a 2 week span.

If you look at the first URL channel you will see that it got 91,064 visitors and 10,666 clicked on an ad which resulted in me earning $3,140 on that post.

I paid 3 cents per visitor from Outbrain and Taboola at a cost of $2,731.00 That left me with a profit of $409.00 from AdSense alone.

This is awesome because remember I am also earning from Content.ad and Disquss.

Content.ad earns much better so let’s have a look at the average earnings for the site during the same 2 week span.

As you can see on Average 7.16% of people who visit my site clicks on a Content.ad story which earns me $0.11 per click.

So, from my first post we can say that 7.16% of the 91,064 people clicked on Content.ad which is 6,370 clicks and earned me 11 cents each for a total of $700.00

I made $400.00 profit on AdSense and $700.00 on Content.ad plus a little bit on Disquss for a total of around $1,100.00

That’s not bad for a post that took me 20 minutes to create and another 20 minutes to add to Outbrain and Taboola.

Now, I have a lot of other posts running as well. Lots of them are also profitable and some of them aren’t. If a post is not profitable then you just pause it on Outbrain. If you find a winner then you immediately add it to Taboola as well to get as much traffic as you can.

You only need a handful of posts to be winners in order to make great money with this method.

Set your initial budget to around $5 or $10 per day just to test until you find a winner.

Then up your budget and turn the traffic loose.

By the way, that post I just showed you was a simple post I made by embedding a popular YouTube video and writing a 300 word description.

I hope a light bulb just went off in your head. Can you see how easy and profitable this can be? It’s all got to do with some basic math.

This is exactly how I grew my site to $6K profit per month within 3 months.

I tell you, I love paid traffic because I am in control and it is an instant thing. You add your content to Outbrain and Taboola and turn the campaign on.

Within hours you see floods of traffic coming to your site. It is awesome!

Free Traffic Method

If you do not want to spend money on traffic, that is fine as well. You can totally grow your site by just using social media sites to promote your content.

This is something I am also actively doing while my paid campaigns are running.

Create a nice Facebook page for your site and also a Twitter account. Start following the other sites in your niche and befriend their followers.

Comment on their Facebook pages and follow their fans on Twitter. Lots of them will start to follow you back and also like your fan page.

Do not go out there and post links to your stuff on other pages. That comes across as being spammy and it will get you blocked quickly.

Leave insightful comments on their pages and become part of the community.

People will start to take notice of you and like your fan page or follow you on Twitter.

Then they will start seeing the content you post on your Fan page and Twitter page.

If you post good content with catchy headlines like I showed you then the people will click on to your site and start sharing your content.

Before you know it you will start seeing traffic and earnings coming in. Then as you go on it will start to snowball and get better and better all the time as more and more people start following your site.

Google will also start sending you traffic once it sees that a lot of people are liking and sharing your content.

They will rank your pages for a lot of related searches on Google which will result in a lot of good free traffic over time. The thing with free traffic is that it will take some time.

You have to be prepared to stick with it and be consistent for a while until you start developing a following and then you will start seeing results. There you have it.

Create one of these sites and stick with it for a few months to see how your financial life changes.

I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed making it for you.